1. Do you sell to the general public?

Yes, the general public is welcome to visit our showroom and choose from any of our in stock products.

2. What products do you carry in stock?

- We have over $10M of inventory in stock. Many of our products are ready to ship, and some are fabricated in-house.

- Products fabricated in-house include the following: Artwork, Custom Closets, Kitchen Cabinets (single family or midrise development), Mirrors, Office Wall Systems, and Window Blinds.

- Our stocked, ready to ship products include the following: Bathroom Hardware, Bed Bases, Electric Induction Cooktops, Hand Dryers, Housekeeping Carts, Ironing Boards, Lighting, Luggage Carts, Luggage Racks, Medicine Cabinets, Mirrors, Plumbing Fixtures, Pull Handles, Railing, Safes, Shower Doors, Table Tops and Bases, and Trash Bins

3. What products are custom manufactured overseas, and what are the minimum order requirements?

- Our offshore product offering includes: Case Goods, Counter Tops, Kitchen Cabinets, Shower Bases, Shower Surrounds, and Student Housing Furniture.

- Minimum order requirements depend on a variety of factors. Please inquire with our team to determine if your requirements will meet our minimum order quantities.

4. What is your lead time for products fabricated in-house?

Generally between 1-4 weeks, depending on the requirements. Please inquire to learn more.

5. What is your lead time for products manufactured overseas?

12-14 weeks. Chinese New Year will affect lead times in Q1. Please inquire to learn more.

6. In which regions do you offer your products?

Our products have been delivered to projects across Canada, from BC to Nunavut to Nova Scotia. We can also deliver our products to projects in the USA.

7. Do you offer installation services for your products?

We do provide installation services for many of our products, besides our electrical and plumbing products. Most of our installers are on staff. Whether we can install your project depends on the size of the project, and the location. For single family residential applications, we only install in the greater Edmonton area. Please inquire to learn more.

8. What brands of product do you carry?

Our entire product offering is NERVAL branded. We do not distribute for any other brands. All products sold by NERVAL are either manufactured or imported by NERVAL.