Our Offering. Our Commitment. Our Expertise.

Nerval Corporation is an established provider of hotel & building products and services to individuals and organizations across Canada and the USA. Our offering is available to clients ranging from the general public to multinational organizations working in the hospitality and construction industries.

Our commitment is to deliver high quality products at truly affordable prices. We do this by purchasing large volumes of raw materials and finished products and passing the savings on to our clients. All of our products are NERVAL products. We do not resell from other vendors.

Our expertise lies in sourcing, manufacturing, quality control, logistics, and project delivery. You are welcome to visit our 100,000 sqft facility in Sherwood Park, Alberta to view our offering firsthand. We are a family business run with family values. Honesty, diligence, and teamwork are of utmost importance in the Nerval Corporation family. We believe strongly in building community, both within and outside of the workplace.

We have built our business and reputation by fostering strong relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers, and the greater community. We strive for open communication, and believe that every interaction and transaction will be positive and mutually beneficial. We deeply appreciate the contributions of our employees and the patronage of our clients, and we strive to always maintain a spirit of fairness, gratitude, and cooperation.


Years In Business

Over 1000

Clients & Partners

120,000 Sqft