Nerval Corporation has been in business since 1985. Our 35+ years of experience includes that of design, manufacturing, and installation of various products. Our mission is to deliver quality products to businesses all over Canada, placing the utmost importance on customer service, while developing our business model to encompass environmental sustainability. This is what NervalWall accomplishes, through significant waste reduction and the delivery of a product that is superior to that of conventional construction methods.

NervalWall is a flexible, full height interior office workspace solution for commercial, government, education, and hospitality projects. NervalWall is designed with a low profile aluminum frame structure, which supports single or double glass glazing and panel elements. Our system also makes it very easy to pass power & data lines. Our system retains floor to ceiling glass panels and a seamless, low visibility joint system to produce a structurally solid wall. NervalWall provides for flexible, contemporary partitioning of working environments. The system is complete with glass sliding or swinging doors.


NervalWall offers endless design possibilities to meet your requirements.

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NervalWall can be customized endlessly, but to make the selection process easier for you, we have compiled options for you to pick from.