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We at Nerval are conscious about our impact on the environment, and passionate about reducing that impact. Our products and business processes reflect our eco-intelligent approach to commerce.

Supplying LED lighting, LED mirrors, engineered wood furniture, high-efficiency plumbing fixtures and lead-free brass faucets are a few examples of our commitment to an environmentally conscious business model.

  • LED lighting options consume up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs.
  • LED mirrors remove the need for vanity lighting above the mirror.
  • Traditional lumber construction utilizes only about 60% of a tree, whereas engineered wood makes use of over 95% of the tree.
  • In comparison to yesterday's toilets, our high-efficiency toilets use 80% less water, yet retain a flow rating of 1 kg of waste.
  • As per NSF (National Sanitary Foundation)/ANSI (American National Standards Institute) 61, "lead-free" is defined as a metal having a lead composition of less than 0.25%, as opposed to 8% prior to January 2014. Nerval faucets have brass bodies, consisting of around 0.15% lead; far less than the official standard. Lead is a poisonous heavy metal, and reducing our exposure to it is crucial to maintaining our health and that of our children.

In addition, we have committed to using bio-degradable cardboard packaging for all of our products, in lieu of foam packaging.

Needless to say, the demands of consumers have become more informed and intelligent over the course of time. We at Nerval firmly believe in meeting the demands of our clients, and pushing the envelope even further to benefit the world we live in.

Specifying Nerval products may earn your project additional LEED point certification.

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